What is the Purpose of Flight Simulation?

Believe it or not, flight simulators have been around for nearly 100 years. The first flight simulator was invented in 1927 by pilot and flight instructor Ed Link to imitate the feeling of flight in order to practice instrument skills while safely on the ground. Since the invention of his machine, the Link Trainer, flight simulators have markedly improved. Modern simulators are hyper-realistic, ranging from fully enclosed devices to smartphone apps to virtual reality. There has never been a better time for flight simulation technology, and here are five reasons why every pilot, novice or expert, should be taking advantage of it.

Enhanced Training:

Flight simulations allows pilots to learn both basic and advanced skills. The diversity found in the applications of modern flight simulators mean that both inexperienced and seasoned pilots can learn a lot. A new pilot can learn the basic skills and requirements of flight while an experienced aviator can fine tune their aviation prowess and learn more advanced techniques.

Maintain Proficiency:

Flight simulators allow pilots to practice both routine and uncommon flight. Rustiness can be dangerous when you’re in the air, and flight simulators can ensure that a pilot will maintain his or her skills in between flights. Flight simulation also allows the user to customize the experience creating a scenario more tailored to whatever skills they want to practice.

Improve Navigation:

Simulators can help pilots improve both their VFR and IFR navigation skills. VFR and IFR are the two sets of regulations governing navigation of civil aircraft. Simulation allows a pilot to practice navigating a route as well as practice executing instrument procedures.

Mitigate Risk:

A great benefit of flight simulators is the ability to practice reacting to in-flight emergencies without any real danger. This can provide skills and knowledge that might one day save your life in a low-stress environment.


November 2, 2022

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