Aerospace Fasteners: Types and Characteristics

Aerospace fasteners find their place in various applications and operations within the aerospace industry, playing an integral role in ensuring the safety, stability, and functionality of aircraft. These small parts are responsible for holding together large, complex structures that endure tough and varied conditions, which is why it is important to choose the right kind for each component. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of aerospace fasteners, exploring their characteristics, varieties, and applications that contribute to the seamless operation of aircraft.

Aerospace fasteners have a purpose in various components of an aircraft, from the expansive wings to the robust fuselage and the intricate landing gear. Each of these elements requires particular types of fasteners tailored to its unique function. Aircraft wings, for instance, experience immense aerodynamic forces during flight. To withstand these forces, aerospace engineers utilize a variety of fasteners, including bolts, screws, and rivets. Bolts, threaded fasteners with external male threads, secure critical pieces such as wing panels, helping to maintain structural integrity even under the most demanding conditions.

The landing gear, located at the undercarriage of aircraft, absorbs the immense impact forces during takeoff and landing. This amount of strain makes it imperative to utilize fasteners capable of withstanding these dynamic loads. Lockbolts, a type of fastener known for their exceptional strength and vibration resistance, are the perfect choice for assembling these components. Their design consists of a collar that locks onto the pin, which works to ensure a tighter connection. The installation process involves inserting the pin into the collar, then using a specialized tool to swage the collar, creating a permanent and secure joint. This variant mitigates loosening from vibration resistance and provides great strength, making them ideal for critical connections in aerospace structures.

The fuselage, the component that houses the cockpit, passengers, and cargo, uses its own set of aerospace fasteners. Here, blind fasteners come into play. Aptly named for their ability to be installed from one side, these are indispensable in areas where accessibility is limited. Also known as blind rivets or pop rivets, they consist of a mandrel, a thin metal pin, and a rivet body. Their ability to provide a secure grip without requiring access to both sides of the structure makes them invaluable in assembling a fuselage with efficiency and precision. In the realm of aerospace engineering, the term "blind fasteners" encompasses a range of specific fastening solutions designed for efficiency in assembly. Blind rivets are particularly useful in situations where the rear side of the joint is completely inaccessible, which is why they are a preferred choice for assembling various parts of aircraft.

In conclusion, aerospace fasteners are an extremely necessary tool in the aviation industry, holding together the intricate web of components that make up an aircraft. Not only is their use important, but also employing a methodical approach with different types of fasteners ensures the structural integrity, proper function, and safety of each part. When you find yourself in need of lockbolts, blind fasteners, bolts, or other such hardware components, look no further than Sourcing Streamlined and our unrivaled selection of products. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, our website boasts a wide variety of high-caliber aircraft components from reliable vendors. Take the time to browse our inventory, and request a quote on any product to receive a fast, tailored response from our dedicated experts to your specifications.


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