Unlikely Heroes: Tarmac GSE’s

A lot more than just airplanes, pilots and airline specific parts, that make sure a flight goes smoothly. You might not realize how large of a role ground support equipment, from here on out referred to as GSE, plays in getting a plane up off the ground and into the sky.

GSE can come in two main forms, the powered and the non-powered. Non-powered GSE are generally the smaller items that are used on the tarmac. These are products such as ladders, buckets, baggage carts, dollies, containers, basically anything used on the ground that would not require you to charge or add fuel to it.

When you switch over and you look at powered GSE you start to see more car like items. These are things like fueling trucks, back up generator cars, tractors, water service units. But they don’t all have to be cars and trucks. Powered GSE are also huge lights, moveable escalators and baggage belts. When you take a step back and view the whole flight of an aircraft as individual moving pieces you start to notice how important of a role the people on the ground play. Without the individuals and equipment on the tarmac, takeoffs and landings would not be as safe or efficient. But the equipment on the ground is costly and requires women and men who really know what they’re doing, to operate properly. The next time you’re at the airport, about to board a plane for a much needed vacation, take a look around at all the hundreds of people who make that flight possible.

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November 2, 2022

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