The Primary Aircraft Maintenance Tools and Their Functions

Aircraft are powerful vehicles, requiring regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that they remain operable for flight. Furthermore, many parts must be kept to certain condition standards, ensuring that they meet airworthiness regulations for safety. During a typical maintenance procedure, a mechanic may utilize a collection of tools to thoroughly inspect each structure and all parts depending on how thorough a process is being carried out. While there are many tools employed for such operations, there are six that arguably stand out as the most important of the lot.

Mechanics that operate on civil aircraft will often be faced with rapid turnaround times and multiple vehicles to inspect. As such, tools like speed handles that increase efficiency are extremely beneficial to have. As a very advanced piece of equipment, speed handles feature a long screw that enables the rapid removal of screws with a single hand. When dealing with a high-end engine that may contain thousands of screws alone, such tools greatly cut down on time when compared to a standard screwdriver set. Additionally, freeing up a hand while loosening screws allows for the mechanic to handle other repairs.

While the rapid removal of fasteners is important, installation requires much more precision and care. This is due to the fact that most screws and fasteners must be tightened onto an assembly at a specific degree, requiring precise levels of torque for installation. Spanners can be great for certain uses, though they lack the effectiveness of reaching specific torque values. As a result, a torque wrench may be relied on; such tools are capable of being set to specific torque amounts so that they may best aid in fastener installation and removal.

While in flight, aircraft are consistently exposed to various forces, vibration being one that can cause a loss in structural integrity and the loosening of different parts if they are not secured correctly. To prevent such risky situations, a vibration analysis is regularly carried out with the use of a vibration meter. With such a tool, mechanics may measure vibration levels in terms of kilograms to determine the maximum amount of force the structure can withstand. Once such values are found, pilots may then better maintain the safety and integrity of the aircraft while in flight.

With some fasteners, a safety wire will often present the ability to prevent loosening. With safety wire pliers, mechanics can hold and tie together large aluminum wires with ease for the creation of robust braids. With ample tightness provided by the pliers, braided wires can best deter fastener issues.

Due to the fact that most aircraft components are made from strong metals and alloys such as aluminum, they require metal working tools for mechanical repair. Generally, metal working tools allow for metal to be fastened, bent, and cut. These tools can come in numerous forms, common ones being rivet guns and drills. Rivet guns, in particular, are quite useful for the installation of rivet fasteners which are paramount for the assembly of the aircraft’s fundamental structures.

The final primary aircraft maintenance tool is an inspection mirror. While seemingly out of place as compared to the other tools on this list, the inspection mirror allows for technicians to maintain a visual on various important components when a direct line of sight is impossible. Rather than requiring disassembly of major structures for common inspections to be carried out, one can simply use the mirror instead.

While the aforementioned tools are all common for repairs and inspections, mechanics may also take advantage of other equipment such as adapter micrometer tools, socket set equipment, and much more. Sourcing Streamlined is a trusted supplier of various aviation components and other aircraft parts, providing competitive pricing and rapid lead-times on over 2 billion items that we offer. If you are facing a time constraint, rest easy as our expansive supply chain network enables us to expedite the shipping process for our domestic and international customers alike. You can also rely on the quality of our offerings as an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B certified and accredited enterprise. Get in contact with one of our representatives today through phone or email and experience how Sourcing Streamlined is revolutionizing the part procurement process for our customers.


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