Importance of Aircraft Safety

Aviation inspection is very important as a preventable measure for minimizing potential problems. The inspection process eliminates the possibility of human error on the aircraft parts and components. Regular inspections include manual checks and visual examinations to determine the conditions of the components and aircraft parts. Maintaining the aircraft is critical to avoid any kind of failures that could be hazardous in causing an accident. The FAA, Federal Aviation Administration states regular inspecting acts as a preventative measure for maintaining and assuring “airworthiness”. The value of regularly inspecting provides a reduction in possible malfunctions, human error and operating failure because it detects minor defects and depletion at an early stage. This allows for the maintenance team to keep proper records logged to retain any history of issues that have occurred or may arise. There is also a very detailed preflight inspection which depends on aircraft and operations being conducted, this final inspection acts as a last-minute check prior to aircraft flying. In most cases, calendar inspections are common however inspections based on flight hours for scheduling is preferred.

The FAA provides guidelines for inspection of the aircraft, logbooks must be reviewed, and the entire maintenance record checked. This continuous procedure of being aware is essential in aircraft maintenance. The FAA also advises for numerous checklists which relate to each aircraft parts such as fuselage and hull, cabin and cockpit, engine and engine house, landing gear, wing and center section of aircraft, propellers, and much more. Each of these parts is checked for any possible failures and reporting of conditions. Applying each step and taking part in the due diligence of inspecting will mediate any possible issues or failures that may induce any complications.

Critical Safety Items (CSI) due to it relating to government contracts, demands more rigorous inspections because they relate to defense agencies and military services in the US. They are specific about any issues that could cause catastrophic failures, injury/death, or any accidental engine shutdowns.

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November 2, 2022

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