Aircraft Ignition System Troubleshooting & Repair

A malfunctioning engine is never a pleasant experience for anyone no matter the vehicle. They can often create downtime to inspect and fix the problem, and this can be a much longer and harder process when the vehicle in question is an aircraft. Therefore, identifying and solving the problem of an aircraft engine that fails to start as quickly and efficiently as possible is always best.

Troubleshooting a problem is to conduct a systematic search on a machine to identify symptoms, pinpoint the problematic sector, and optimally solve it. An easy way to identify a turbine engine ignition system that is in need of troubleshooting is if the power plant is operating and performing poorly. If you have maintained records of your aircraft engine performance, it can be easier to identify a problem when comparing current performance to past records. If you do not have any, you can also compare your performance to that of the same aircraft or a similar engine set up to your own.

When an ignition system begins to backfire, that could indicate a cracked distributor, or there may be a high tension leak between ignition heads. Common reasons that engines fail also range from a lack of fuel to defective spark plugs. Checking the fuel system, clearing particles and build up, as well as replacing components can often be the solution to a variety of problems once the problematic sector is identified.

Nevertheless, the most efficient way to avoid engine start-up failures and the need for troubleshooting altogether is through conducting regular maintenance and inspection of your aircraft engine. Engines often include a manufacturer’s recommended maintenance interval time to help you ensure that your engine is regularly checked for parts that need to be serviced or replaced. A well maintained engine should guarantee a much lower chance of malfunctions and other complications that may arise with normal use.


November 2, 2022

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