NSN (National Stock Number) Part Types List Starting with Letter W

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w512 brake temp sensorw h belly e f lnwall assemblyw comp assembly
waferwswitchoawalking beam assembly right handwafer insulatingwa flap pos sensor
w b instr placardw s temp control unit assyw harness assyw or tip ay
wall assy fwdw140 rh starter genwafer 20 position 20 pos wa71 72w016 dn sw 1
wall air ventw h air cyclew100 collective controlw or h tail flood light
wait postewall assyw schematicw s temp ctrl unit assy
w311 ips bleed air solw g castingw132 rh engine indicationwalkway assembly wing
w3asherwafer assy gain staw and b plotter 28r 201pac89472 2w strip
w9ka dimmer capwac fabricw ob flgw shield test box assy
w d skin 0043 00 x 0013 00 inw or h nick 2 hydw or flap welded assemblyw a air cond power
w s coverw or h rh no 2 generater conw sa ibw flap welded assembly
wafer 28 point 28 point w resistw b assyw4 harnessw s cont assy pcb
wafer 40 point 40 pointw s air park brakewahserw5 cable assembly
w a fdr tail jumperw60 cable 1760 switw a eng wing w i loheaw h vertical stabilizer e f
w assy nw a ext lts deice verttlw80 aeroshell oil 25 l barrelw34 harness
w or g 2161 windshieldwaferw25 cable assemblywafer switch assy
w bdlw or h retr gcu bo105d dbswall assy floor firewalkway cab
wafer dummy 13 conta dummy 13 cow or h lh no 1 generater conw or h retr gcu c1w5 harness
w h assy enginewalking beam assembw 9816 hardner raw h aft comp light
w door selector valvew or h led anti coll lightwackrest formw9 n q y harness
w1 cable assyw302 tall cone right harnessw25 identification tagw shrk
w or h position lightwall assembly compawafer assy ramp offw h thermo couple
walkway coatingw2 harnessw01wafer switch
w1 harnesswafer 20 position 20 pos wa13 16walkbeam assemblywafer assy w resistor a09970l w
w tip w ostro provwaas gps installation kitwall assy horizontal firew355 internal j box light w h
w2 cablew6 harnessw019walcking beam
w g switchw306 vent fan without airw or h l or s sx16 copilotw or h vartoms test connector
w nozl 1 24wagonw151 assyw s cont micro assy pcb
w screen clean kitwafferw3 harnessw calibration template l
w tip w strobew tip assy no optsw f fair l e joint strip assyairw tip w h ints lit
w h tailboom ysasw d elec bag comp htr afwalkway cabinetw h fuselage ysas
w deck skinw a pwr dist rh3pwrw s heat test boxwafer extraction tool for 1
w w potwaasher spacerwall 1st ifwafer 28 point 28 point
w or h adapt y vibr aw5 280 discw a fdr fdr jumperwafer 14 point 14 point
w or h pos light l or rwalking beam assyw tip extwafer assy generato
w501 harness electrical assywaherw harness asyw b plotter dwg 74216 2
w b park lever assyw34 harneswaermetauscherw357 external j box light w h
w h engine c30 e opt f stdwall assy doorw g 2161 windshieldw9445 25 airhose 25ft 3 8 id
w or h lh no 1 after junctiow h interface fadec hirf rnwall assembly chassw22 identification tag
w2 crosswire platew b tabs placardwa8w screen clamp top
walkw a flux 2 verttlw or h pax vent systemw or h l or s m or h sx16 pilot
wafer assy switchwalking beam swash plate fcw or h twist grip eng 2 comptwafer system interface bd
w13 identification tagwaffle iron electriw d elec ctrl colmnw stp adh
w b loc placardw ib flgw or h pos lt l or r nvgw a plt rud sensors
w a easa config jmp cabnw or b assywafer assy dc refw tip w stobe
wafer 20 position 20 pos comm 8w switch annunciatwalking beam aw tube grip w hvy aero hylomar
wagner accesswall air vent aftw143 lh eecwaffle dblr aft pres bhd
w h w305 evaporator fanw s wiper motorwagon kitwalkway
w s gasket mtlw or h endant exrensionw a display fan adptrw603 assy
w or h chip det tailr i gear bwafer atc d08150a atc d08150awall assy fire fwdw51 cable sparrow a
w and b selector valvewafer assy fast ramwalking handle assew sa flg
w assembly nwafer atc10 11 atc10 11w31 harneswalkway engine cowling
wafer switch assembw tip rhw a fadec eng lh a 525w142 rh eec
walkway wingw4 cable assywafer sw 7p 5p0311w h battery e f ln rn
wacherwalkway frontw flgw55 0221 1 flashtube
w ib sawaas gnssuw4 prop harness a awalking beam as
w1000 stormscope elementsw or nozlwalk around bottlew a aft coax nose
w12 harness eecwaas sbas dual arinc and analogw h thermal switch bleed air ruptuw s heat controlle
wafer assy slow ramwafer 20 point 20 point 2 notchewalkway assembly lavatorywafer rem control
w152 assyw a speed brakes rspbrkw harn assywafer assy sensitiv
w s temp cont unit ayw5 prop harness b awafer assy detectorwaas arinc antenna ga 36
w or h xmsnw d screen assy 43324076 5 phmw5 281 discwalkway assembly rh
w a eng wing w i roheaw h wrng and caution ind rnw b aywall assy fire rear
wafer thrustw503 assyw or kitwafer mother board assy
w or h pos light aft nvgw n fastenerwaffle inner flpw h tailboom ln
wafer assy receiverw670 radial o parts manuwafer assywafer assy drive ci
w11 harnesw t rotation toolwafer assy w jumper a09970d 001wafer 20 position 20 pos wa46 54
wafer 20 point co 20 point cutofw sock 18dia x 8ftw1 harness eecwac cable
wafer assembly filtwalk around cbl assw311 harness electrical assywalkway kit
w or h det part ibf lhw2 control harnessw screen clamp sidw hole 0 250 sq
w and b computer 747w a cabn env sys tmpsnrw a fdr fairing jumperw or h retr gcu a1 to b2
w or h fuzz burner tr or igbwainscot assyw h tempw diagram
w0621 harnesswadding cottonw3 hub to cda cablewaffle middle gear door assy
w0604 harnessw p 236 lubricantw or h call sign rhw diag plate
w or h det part ibfw b reservoir assyw h engine c47m rnw10 cable assembly
waas sbas dual arinc all digitalwaferwswitchbw a atg jumperw1 control harness
w2 harness eecw12 harnesw shldseal 1 16wafer 20 position 20 pos wa71 77
w314 cargo hookw switchwac fabric tm iw stp adh 1 6
walkway assemblywall aftw or h ext hoist gnd rhw or h twist grip eng 1 compt
wall assy foldingwall assembly sidewall assembly baggagew s a i supply tube assy
w s clutchwalk way assyw359 j box power w hw11 pha y harness
wainscotw0624 harnesswa5007 750 rollw h airframe rn
w harnessw00ward propeeler governor f210761w11 identification tagw308 assy
w141 lh starter genwafer platewalkway rearw g kit
w and b cut out valvew0622 harnessw sa obwafer assy w resistor a09970f
w012 harness electrical assyw55 bru32 aux bre awafr bayonet assyw150 assy
w h w304 condenser fanwafer aw or h acl light nvg fuselw14 identification tag
w0623 harnesswafer 24 point 24 point w resistw or h anti coll lt nvgwalk beam assy
w or h pos light aftw inst platew or shldsealw4 cable
wafer type awalkway assy bondedw23 identification tagw12 identification tag
w734 harness assy externnal lightw2 hub to smart conw or o re entry strap and hose retainerwafer valve
waffle mid gear door assyw24 identification tagw435 coax klx 135w a bcn and nav lts fairing
w or h chip detector tailrw37 1 600sl 50 ft coil control cwaas gps sensorw 4 7 ohm
wall assy fire horizontalw s temp contrl assy modw deck light assyw harness assembly
w h empennage ysasw and b conversion kitw b awaiveguide
w 55 0221 5 flashtubewafer assy controlwafer 24 point 24 pointw16 identification tag
w or h roll hydwalking beam controw or h det part ibf rhwaas gps antenna
wafer atc d08150 atc d0815wafer 20 position 20 pos hf10 1w or h strobe lightwahl temp strip kit 120 220f
w0603 harnessw or h land light f c tubew or h tail flood light tailbw12 cable assembly
w54 bru32 bre adaptwacker adhesive sealantw a cplt rud sensorsw a power dist elhalt rh
w3 ems harness c aiw s bleedw tnkw3 cable assembly
w x termw202 xmtr cable assyw o re entry strap and hose retainerw or h lh no 1 str gen
w a int lts 525 a blnosewafer assy video amwafer 20 point 20 point 1 notchwafer b
wafer sww1 antennaw407 assyw a pass intrcm adptr
wafer 20 point 20 point 2 notchwafer assy w resistor a09970h wwafer sw 7p 5pw s temp cont unit assy
w or h ext hst lt rh fxdw27 identification tagwafer bell crank crw h w131 lh engine indication
w or h tail flood li hor stabw h weighing systemw ob sawafer 20 point 20 point
w a flux 1 verttlw8 harnessw h battery w105wall
w or bwafer insulatedw15 identification tagwagon children toy
wac cableunitw s anticewall assy centerw or b ay
w o shellswafer 14 pointw a fadec eng lh b 525w10 rgb ps harness
walking beamw1 cablew21 identification tagwafer assembly
w0622 harness post sb pw4g11w4dmed plasticw w binderw136 instrument lights
wahser 6w or bayw7 harnessw shield asy
w a speed brakes lspbrkw or h mirror hookwa fdr elev trim sensorw h assem h stab
wall assy bondedw g outpuw or h cargo hookw0625 harness
wahser isolatorwa int lts door stepwafer 20 position 20 pos wa32 36w 10 identification tag
walkway hosebedw301 l o cable assyw a fadec eng rh a 525w d instr pnl prim pilot
w or h rh aft j boxw a ent jack adapterwall aislewafer assy w resistor a09970g w
w trvl blankescutch mc04366w a stormscope 525a antw a fadec eng rh b 525wafer assy reliabil
w7 exciter harnessw b enginew and b ship setw67
w h fuel cell rnw half saw514 leg main landing gearwafer 14 pint
w kitwalkway installed on lidw31 harnesswaffle m gear doo
wafer 20 position 20 pos hf10 nwalkway coating hmwait ducting 1 500idwaher flat
w12 aircraft enginew f angles f sparwa power j box fwd pedw130 notar sensors
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