NSN (National Stock Number) Part Types List Starting with Letter R

r a pneumatic toolr h control cabler b 2084r b 10249 0106
r equip furnr h floor panel frame 13 to framer h collector assemblyr h attachment wing to fuselage f
r a cr flap brgr h foot pedal sub assyr h door window panel
r h cockpit carpet assemblyr b 1112r ctrl unitr h and l h former 1 to 4 covering
r h cockpit window stdr h drag brace bell jet rangerr b 3604r h fairing prod and spares
r envir off grn annun legend assemr flight controlsr airb auxr e unit
r flt ctrlr h console upholsteringr h aileronr h equipped brake pedal
r h cylinder 3 collectorr b 1022r h former 4 to 7 coveringr communic
r h front carpetr doorsr dc gen yellow annun legend assemr flt cntrg l
r h 1085 leading egde rib assemblyr h framer b 0512r air cond
r h attch flange diverterr fuel feed yellow annun legend asr h equipped doorr comm
r h floor frame 5 to frame 4r angle dzus 10ftr exhaustr d s wire
r h fwd sidewall ar accordement smr h collectorr h bellcrank
r ft relocate wwwlblr h doorstepr h elevator tab assemblyr acm inlt
r eng ctrlr h front lower sparr h door sealr eng fuel
r h equipped rigid piper and p computerr b 32097 044r cockpit chart light mod
r fuel qty gauger h clampr h front half reinforcement plater h central 17a rib
r fuel gr h bottomcushionr h chanel front arm restr h fuel gauge
r h glareshield uncoveredr and i rev 2r alt 2 aa300 3442 pr b 0038
r h double ribr h fairingr b 46068 0808ar chip detect yellow annun legend
r h baffler b 1204r h balancing lever assemblyr h door assembly l h cowlin
r h fairleadr h bogie beamr b 1753r h front equipped box
r h and l h trimmingr h door assemblyr h front baffler h front wedge br
r elec powerr auto feather armr h cowling assy lwr inboardr b 1019
r aux pwrr b 1021r h equipped piper clamp rp
r auxiliary powerr h cross beam c1 a c2r b 2304r h co pilot window w track
r fuel rec rhr eng ind gr h cover ayr b 1061
r h fwd lower cowlingr b 2088r b pressure indicatorr b 1701
r h equipped flap assemblyr h fairing assyr flt cntrr h flight compartment brake contr
r b 2068488 0701r b 0244r b 46068 806ar h engine harness
r b 8064021 0503r f assemblyr h fwd kick panel coveredr b 0071
r b 30090079 0504r h ejectorr h elevator assemblyr h flap external carriage equipme
r h fixed tabr h ductr h c8 c10 baffler b rc2
r h door window tbgnr b 9375w2 60ydsr h equipped inside doorr h equipped reinforcement
r dorrsr controlr h fitting assemblyr h central 17b rib
r h beam cabler furnishr fire pror h equipped front rod
r h 9 frame reinforcementr h fairing assemblyr b 8052239 0001r b 1114
r a welder rod drivr certr b 30090040 0505r acm byps
r h colour door window panelr h central cross beamr h door framer fuel qty yellow annun legend ass
r b 0475r h aileron assemblyr b 8064069 0502r h fuel vent tube
r h access door markingr h equipped lower lateral boxr electpwrr b 3602577 0002
r b 30060236 0501r h grooved pinr h armr h facia panel contact cable
r engine fuel controlr h door assembly r h cowlingr b 51r h fuel tank sub table equipment
r eng cntlr b 5101r h direction elementsr h board
r b 2203r h flexible piper communr b 3602
r h front seat backwardr h front skinr h equipped landing gear strutr b 51141 0028
r b 2208r h centuring blockr br guard
r h floor frame 1 to frame 2r h elevator tipr b 1603r h bulkhead
r f oscillatorr equimentr h bracketr h front jaws
r h forward arm restr f module assyr h equipped external bearing yoker h closing metal sheet
r h dual c p inst panelr b 2068r b 8057133 0501r accord de traversee
r elevator horn htrr b 5119r h a 1085 leading edge rib assembr eng cntrg
r h forward bracer h doublerr h central 14 ribr aid cond
r h cross beam reinforcement assemr enginer h eng doorr communications
r h 6 half formerr h closing sheetr flt cntrlr h 5 half former
r b rc07r h door assy mlg inboardr h elevator assembly balr h front baffle assembly
r b 050 03143r h control bellcrankr h armrest unitr h air vent base
r b 3611539 0001r hr aft dwnlk harnessr h cover strip
r h de iced phf hornr exhaust cv no trr equ furnr h door assembly aft l h upper co
r h fastenerr h 3 blade prop w deice seneca vr h brkt dr switchr b 3603
r h cabin lateral panelr h door ar eqp furnr h air outlet passage
r flt contr b gaskr eng anti ice grn annun legend asr elect
r h door assembly aft r h upr h and l h wing for gager b 8057180 0505r h cardtable assy
r aux powrr electrical powerr b 2085r assy rh shroud
r h coverr b rn55r c pr h curved rib
r h ext landing gear tuber b 1012r h blue foam instrument panelr h equipped box
r h brake plate assemblyr eng indr h flap structurer h elevator trim tab assembly
r c network 100 ohms 390 pfr b 4504r h equipped ribr b 1205
r h equipped tube assemblyr h front lateral baffler h fuel cell 25 comm kitr eqpt
r b 5432 0205r b 3201r electrclr h equipped wing tip
r h fitting plater elecr h former 1 to 4 lateral fittingr h ashtray drinkholder
r f cabler h equipped rear leverr eng ice fail yellow annun legendr dc flap
r h access door antenna assemblyr h circuit breaker identificationr gust lock coverr b 4007
r h equipped wing tip impax 7r h equipped outside doorr h door entry upholsteringr gear
r h former quarterr brk deice on grn annun legend asr h cover bulkheadr h 130 door doubler
r h angler b 04750675 0501r b 2036r h elevator structure
r f transformerr a discr gutterr blnk pnl l cutou
r electricalr air conditioningr h equipped rear ribr h 6th place seat
r h flywheel assemblyr h central 15 ribr h 3 half formerr h attachment plate
r h front bobbinr b 30090008 0522r b 3209r h door structure
r h equipped spoilerr h former 1 to 4 coveringr h aft headlinerr h bearing identification tag
r h front formerr eqpt furr b 111r b 2086
r g clnrr h end panel assemblyr h angle bracketr b 8056800 0502
r h central 16 ribr h box assemblyr ckschlagventilr h and l h fillet
r h flange star fire btlr b 1028r auto flt
r b 10216 0186r h coveringr electricr h cowling assy upr inboard
r h equipped pulleyr h fwd angler cbn intrr h footwell firewall
r engine controlsr h exhaust collectorr f converter assyr gen tie open yellow annun legend
r d panel mti lbsr h afterbody assyr h front tuber elec pwr
r b 2038r b 5105r h equipped leverr h cabin arm rest
r coupling modr h and l h coveringr h front half formerr fuel gauge
r h aft oleo fittingr b 1209r h front attachment tabr door
r b 46r b 0716 bearingr h elevator tab assemr h aileron tip rib
r h fwd upper cowl assemblyr h and l h upper glass panelr h cross beamr h front seat cable
r h equipped wingr fwd dwnlk harnessr eng contr diode
r h cylinder 1 tuber h flanger fuelr h and l h 9 stringer
r h floor frame 10 to frame 13r h aux fuel tank assemblyr equipmntr flt cntl
r h equipped tuber h and l h 1 stringer frame 8 a 16r h engine baffler h access panel assembly
r b 46068 612sr b 102r h equipped main landing gear actr h guide block
r h cylinder 5 collectorr h control stickr b 8051r h fence assembly
r h anti twist edge assemblyr b 1004r cowl flapr h equipped doubler
r h guide sheet metalr and i manualr h bleed air manifoldr flt data
r b 1503r h foam webr communicationr cockpit
r h former 1 reinforcement assemblr doors gr gear bdlr h equipped distributor
r h central 13 ribr b 4606r h fuel tank 110 lr gaurd
r h external skin 1 a 1r h equipped small sparr h brake piper h front panel cover
r equp fnhr b 1023r b 0302r h 2 front half former
r h command cyclic stickr equipr b 1207r disk c
r h card table j lr fire bottler b 2101r e u
r b 2068269 0701r h aft angler b 152600 09r h floor frame 13 to frame 17
r h fwd kick panelr dr hinger h flap assemblyr h bar
r h central 12 ribr h base panelr h 1 stringer frame 7 a 16r h door assembly mlg inboard
r h door structure tb09r h fuel cell 40 gal comm kitr h equipped tab ribr h front fastener
r h fittingr h flange tuber b 21r h front floor
r h aileron structure assemblyr a disc 1 25r b 091r disc 1 5
r b 1024r b 45041 35632r b 2089r h brack
r ctrol unitr h grey front armrestr equipment furnishingsr h equipped rail
r b 51182 0004r h equipped navigation lightr cable inr eng cntr
r h equipped t tab ribr h gusset plater h antenna mount radio altimeterr h equipped front fitting
r h cowling assy final mater fuselager b 006 18126 0002r h equipped upper half leg
r apur h guardr h elevator assyr h carpet
r h flap internal carriage equipmer h brake trayr h doorr f mgb fitting assy
r h equipped bearingr h 2 rear half formerr fire protectionr b 8056840 0503
r h colour side window panelr fuel qty rgir a riveter b 1113
r h 1 half formerr alt 2 aad100 3442r envir fail red annun legend asser h aileron control lever
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