NSN (National Stock Number) Part Types List Starting with Letter L

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l e inbd rh elevl h elevator assemblyl h equipped reinforcementl gib
l h fairingl h armrest unitl e skin panell h facia panel contact cable
l h forward enclosure assemblyl h former 1 to 4 coveringl g control rodl fuel qty rgi
l h ext landing gear tubel h arml h cylinder 4 collectorl h front half former
l edge landing lightl h fairing prod and sparesl e outbdl gear anti skid
l h equipped inside doorl e assy undrilledl f mgb fitting assyl edge inboard l h
l gen tie open yellow annun legendl h aux fuel tank asseml edge assy rhl e douber r h
l e ayl exhaust cvr w trl h 6 half formerl e tailplane
l e and frt spar lhl h door assembly r h cowlinl h aileron assemblyl g assembly less wheel tire and bra
l e inbd l h elevl brake deice on annunciator legenl h fitting platel e and front spar assembly
l h 2 front half formerl h foam pedestal front sectionl 6 hinged leaf vir 31l edg rh
l edge assy ailerl h equipped pulleyl al e a
l h equipped doublerl h door al h engine blowerl band oscil ge
l h equipped landing gear strutl h ashtray drinkholderl h command stick assyl h exhaust collector
l h equipped flap assemblyl h cowling assy upr outboardl e anglel h board ehsi
l h front skinl catch rhl front cockpit panel buckskinl h elevator structure
l h belt assyl e spar assyl e spar upperl e skin assy l h
l e d red 5mml h cabin arm restl g damper fixturel g vent valve
l h door structurel e guard 6 0x5 5l e assy outbd rhl h flexible pipe
l e skin outbd lh drilledl e d assy 615ba428 2l h 2 rear half formerl e lightning protect kit
l h equipped tube assemblyl fuel rec rgil h engine bafflel e assy rh undrill
l e panel inbd rl h control stickl h equipped wingl h fitting
l edge and sparl h door assembly l h cowlinl edge assy rh flapl console i f trim cab 1 2 3f
l console i f trim cab 1 2 3al h flywheel assemblyl h equipped front fittingl h brake pipe
l h foam webl e stbdl e assy lwrl edge outbo rh wing
l e assy rh stub wingl h front bafflel a detail bearing ball annulal h door frame
l h door window tbngl e assy rh inboal catch lhl edge out wing lh
l h assyl d 90 drop size 1 25l h cylinder 6 collectorl gear position xmtr
l e assem l sparl h former 4 to 7 lateral fittingl h beam cablel edge d nose
l h door retaining rod tubel h flap assemblyl h 3 half formerl h brace
l h equipped wing tipl h door struturel ftungsblendel h equipped actuator
l h equipped rear leverl h 1 half formerl h end panel assemblyl h door structure tb09
l edge inboard lhl engraving reclining backrestl e skin flapl e rib
l e skin outbd lh undrllel h elevator tipl bracketl fuel gauge
l h equipped spoilerl h coveringl h flange stal e skin outbd r h
l h access door antenna assemblyl el h centuring blockl band ant assy tcas
l h front attachment tabl h flap external carriage equipmel brake deice annunciator legend al edge wing mid lh
l h forward arm restl h door window panell e skin flap 3 rhl h former 1 reinforcement assembl
l edge lh undrilledl h front floorl e assy outbd flap r hl e assembly stub wing lh
l edge assy lh flapl edge out wing rhl e inbd rh polishedl h box assembly
l h enginel h coverl h floor frame 10 to frame 13l h collector
l e skin winglet lhl e assembly horiz stab lhl h front jawsl bandotransceiver data c
l 4 xl h front panel coverl h floor panel frame 13 to framel eng ice fail yellow annun legend
l b ctrll h air vent basel edge rh inboardl h bracket
l e assy lhl e d tray consoll h front carpetl e doubler l h
l band antenna with bnc connectorl e assembly horiz stab rhl 6 rcvr cover vir 31l h air tube
l h door assembly l h cowlingl h accessory boxl edge fixl e assy lower
l band stald assyl h 9 frame reinforcementl frame assy msu ail b
l e assy gl de reprisel h elevator assembly ball h curved rib
l h cover bulkheadl e d yellowl engraving elevating legrestl cntl 24v
l h front attachment fittingl e assem less front sparl h cockpit blowerl e assy
l f yellow converterl e skin rhl h external skin 10 a 15l edge assy vert sta
l 1 4 in1l edge stn326 405 lhl h cover stripl h 1 stringer frame 7 a 16
l h front half reinforcement platel band rej kdf 805l band ant relayl h door assembly
l e guard 6 0x5l gear selector knobl h front baffle assemblyl d lisse 1
l e assy lh undrilll h equipped rear ribl e assembly stub wing rhl e d
l h ductl e skin assy r hl g assem hi flol 2 x
l h cover platel 6 cover prsdl e inbd lh polishedl h door assembly aft l h up
l h a 1085 leading egde rib assembl h back rest cushion pmv 3mou03l h comfort window w slidel h equipped upper half leg
l h eng doorl h equipped lower lateral boxl h control bellcrankl e n frt spar rh
l bracket horizontall g switch sstxl cd gen annunciator legend assembl e assy lh stub wing
l h front equipped boxl g down locikl edge assy y405 rhl edge skin
l edge inboard rhl h fitting inboardl g hydraulic unitl h equipped small spar
l console i f trim cab 1 2 3kl h boardl auto feather arml de reprise tole sur 248
l h fastenerl edg lhl edgel h front bobbin
l h bellcrankl e asseml bottom plate assyl h
l h front lateral bafflel e asy outbd rhl h floor frame 13 to frame 17l 6 front panel vir 31
l bracket w hdwl b ayl e skin cuff outbd lhl h aft oleo fitting use 1
l h collector assemblyl e assem centerl e outboard lhl bracket assy horizontal
l h front seat backwardl edge assy lh ailerl arm assemblyl g control panel
l c bandpass filters rfl h drag brace bell jet rangerl h equipped wing tip impax 7l h aft headliner
l h chairl h front formerl h former 4 to 7 coveringl fuel qty ga
l e assy outbd flp l hl h bottomcushionl e skin lhl h equipped navigation light
l e assy inbd rhl h fencel h flap internal carriage equipmel 6 riveted chass vir 31
l e skin outbl edge c with bootl c diffuserl ag patch
l h cockpit window stdl e hinge supp anglel e assem center sect wingl e skin flap 1 rh
l edge assy lhl h aileron control leverl b pcal h doorstep
l h bulkheadl h command cyclic stickl c d wl h front tube
l e skin wet wing tipl exhaust cv no trl e hinge supt anglel g cut out valve
l h 1085 leading egde rib assemblyl edge assy y405 lhl e asy l spar rhl gear anti skid 32
l h fairing use a3l h door struture tb09l h antenna mount radio altimeterl band antenna with tnc c
l e assy inbd lhl h baffle assembly enginel h front lateral fittingl a detail
l chhip detect yellow annun legendl g assembly less tire wheell h bearing identification tagl drive assy
l h aft shoel c dl fuel qty gaugel e centre stbd
l e skin outbd rhl edge rh undrilledl h equipped doorl gr voyag
l h air outlet passagel band antl h brake plate assemblyl cntl 12v
l h equipped external bearing yokel e skin aileron asseml h engraved mike phone lil edge assy inbd rh
l h control cablel edge stn81 00 154l e skins aileron asl edge assy
l h cross beam reinforcement asseml b arml h aileron structurel h aft divan
l h bleed air manifoldl h anti twist edge assemblyl h aft facing toll 8 x
l h equipped ribl h c8 c10 bafflel h chanel front arm restl h aileron structure assembly
l h bafflel f cockpit panel buckskinl h access door markingl e assy wing rh
l c bandpass filters rf preselectol h bent section quarterl h carpetl e assy outbd lh
l h balancing lever assemblyl h cross beaml h equipped tubel h elevator trim tab assembly
l h 5 half formerl envir fail red annun legend assel and r enginel glutamine amino a
l e skin rud trim tab lower undrill h equipped tab ribl h ejectorl e otbd port
l e fairingl band antenna with bnc cl g assemblyl fuel feed yellow annun legend as
l h front baffle equipped sparel e lwr skin ribltl h card tablel g wheel
l h elevator tab asseml band modulel g switchl e skin
l h cylinder 2 tubel h equipped bearingl e innerl e fairing assy r h
l e horiz stabilizerl b packing box stel h colour door window panell edge a
l h fairing assemblyl h equipped front rodl e skin winglet rhl band gasket
l edge lh inboardl e skin panelsl g template emerg extensl h cap bea apl
l e strapl edge inboardl edge outbd lh wingl edge stn9 00 80 94
l h front lower sparl h anglel h aileron tip ribl h clamp
l h access panel assemblyl belt blal h channell e repair doubler
l h cabin lateral panell e assem and frt spar l hl h 4 half formerl e nose rib l h
l h closing sheetl h elec equip tray assyl g assembly less brake de icel h aft oleo fitting
l e skin outboard lhl e assy outboardl e fairing assy l hl h base panel
l h former quarterl h cover ehsil h dome and coil cord kitl h de iced phf horn
l band antenna with tnc connectorl and r alt groundsl h equipped leverl h external skin 1 a 1
l c containment kitl h front elbow r50 ebl edge assy elev horl h aileron
l 2 in idl h doublerl e skin tip instal wingl g safety valve
l band antenna type 10a1 whitel h facia panel coverl extrusionl h equipped brake pedal
l h equipped boxl h 14a15 intboard stringerl band antennal h fitting assembly
l edge inboard rl h brkt dr switchl h former 1 to 4 lateral fittingl e d red
l e skin outboard l hl e assy aileronl h equipped main landing gear actl h elevator
l e assy ouboardl h equipped pipel h console upholsteringl h 3 blade prop w deice seneca v
l fuel qty yellow annun legend assl h door assembly mlg inboardl e skin flap 1 lhl h counter
l h doorl e outboardl h access door and antenna assemblyl and r deal retainer baffle instl e
l h door assy mlg inboardl h equipped outside doorl h board esmal h cowling assy lwr inboard
l eng ant ice grn annun legend assl h closing relayl e heater mat lhl h door entry upholstering
l h bogie beaml e inb portl fuel press red annun legend assel h equipped rail
l h conjunction rodl h flange tubel h colour side window panell h flange
l 23l edgl h door assembly aft r h upl h attachment plate
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