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Sourcing Streamlined, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, is your source for computer network device parts like Projectors for the aerospace and defense industries. We do business with dozens of respected manufacturers such as 3M, ACER, ASUS, BENQ, CANON to ensure any part of Projectors you need is available via our comprehensive supply chain network. Thanks to our No China Sourcing Policy, we can ensure that the computer networking devices like DMS710, DMS815, EY.J8701.008, EY.JBU01.009, EY.JDW05.009 of Projectors are from legitimate sources and will function reliably. To get your purchasing process under way, submit an RFQ below.

Manufacturer's List of Projectors

Part Number's List for Projectors

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
DMS710 3m 3m digital media system 710 Avl RFQ
DMS815 3m 3m digital media system Avl RFQ
EY.J8701.008 acer p5271 dlp mmproj xga 3100lumen 3000:1 Avl RFQ
EY.JBU01.009 acer x1161p value proj 2700lumen svga 1080p Avl RFQ
EY.JDW05.009 acer s1210 3d short-throw proj 2500lum 1080p Avl RFQ
EY.JE001.010 acer c120 pico ledusb projector (c120pico) Avl RFQ
EY.K2701.008 acer p7500 pro proj 4000lumen 1920x1080 uxga Avl RFQ
MR.JES11.009 acer k520 hybrid laser led proj 2000lum xga Avl RFQ
MR.JF211.00B acer x1240 dlp 3d proj 10000:1 2700 proj lumens xga Avl RFQ
MR.JF411.00A acer p1340w pro proj 2700lum wxga usb mini b Avl RFQ
MR.JFZ11.00A acer h6510bd proj 3000lum wuxga uxga 14x10 Avl RFQ
MR.JG511.00A acer h5370bd dlp 3d proj uxga 1300:1proj 2500 lumens Avl RFQ
MR.JG711.009 acer k335 3d led portable projector proj wxga white Avl RFQ
MR.JGC11.00H acer p1273 pro proj 3000lum xga hdmi blk Avl RFQ
MR.JGJ11.00A acer x1163 value 3d 3000 lumens proj 17000:1 uxga black Avl RFQ
MR.JGN11.008 acer k132 led prtbl proj 500lum wxga alog rgb Avl RFQ
MR.JGN11.00J acer portable led projector (mrjgn1100j) Avl RFQ
MR.JGQ11.00M acer 1920x1080 projector (p1500) Avl RFQ
MR.JGR11.00A acer 3000 lumens xga short throw 3d (s1213hne) Avl RFQ
MR.JGZ11.009 acer portable led projector (k137) Avl RFQ
MR.JH111.00B acer professional projector wxga (p1383w) Avl RFQ
MR.JH211.008 acer professional projector 1080p (p7505) Avl RFQ
MR.JH511.00A acer professional projector svga (p1173) Avl RFQ
MR.JH911.009 acer c205 pico led projector (c205) Avl RFQ
MR.JHB11.00A acer 720p home theater projector (h5380bd) Avl RFQ
MR.JHG11.00A acer professional projector xga (p1283) Avl RFQ
90LJ0030-B03040 asus p2e proj led 350lum 12x8 hdmi/mhl prtbl Avl RFQ
9H.J8A77.15A benq 1080p; 4000 ansi lumens; 15.87lbs; hdmi x2; c; d-sub; com; a x1; 10w spk x1; ao; Avl RFQ
HT1075 benq ht1075 dlp proj 3d 10000:1 2200proj lumens mhl hdmix2 usb 1080p Avl RFQ
HT1085ST benq dlp 3d short throw proj 1080p (ht1085st) Avl RFQ
MH630 benq mh630 dlp 3d proj 1080p 10000:1proj 3000 lumens hdmix1 usb d/r Avl RFQ
MP780ST benq mp780 st+ dlp proj wxga 3000:1 proj 2500 lumens hdmi lan 8.1lbs Avl RFQ
MS521 benq ms521 dlp projector Avl RFQ
MS524 benq ms524 dlp 3d ready proj svga (ms524) Avl RFQ
MS616ST benq benq ms616st svga 2500 lm proj Avl RFQ
MW523 benq mw523 dlp 3d wxga proj 3000 proj lumens ready hdmi smart eco Avl RFQ
MW526 benq mw526 dlp 3d ready proj wxga (mw526) Avl RFQ
MW621ST benq mw621st dlp 3d proj wxga 3000 proj lumens hdmi ready short throw Avl RFQ
MW663 benq benq mw663 wxga 3000 lm proj Avl RFQ
MW665 benq wxga; 3200 ansi lumens; 6.06lbs; hdmi x1; s-sub; s-v; a; 2w spkx1; ao; control t Avl RFQ
MW712 benq benq mw712 wxga 3200 lm proj (eol) Avl RFQ
MW767 benq mw767,4200 ansi lumens, 8.59lbs, hdmi x1, d-sub, c, s-v, 20w spkx1, ao, control Avl RFQ
MW769 benq mw769 dlp projector Avl RFQ
MW817ST benq mw817st,3000 ansi lumens, 6.2lbs, hdmi, d-sub x2, s-v, com, a x4, 10 spk, ao, co Avl RFQ
MW821ST benq mw821st,3000 ansi lumens, 6.39lbs, hdmi, d-sub x2, s-v, com, a x2, 10w spk x2, a Avl RFQ
MW843UST benq dlp proj wxga 3200 lumens (mw843ust) Avl RFQ
MW853UST benq mw853ust+ dlp 3d proj wxga proj 3000:1 3200 lumens hdmi usb lan Avl RFQ
MW870UST benq mw870ust dlp proj wxga 2600:1 proj 3000 lumens cr hdmi usb lan Avl RFQ
MX520 benq benq mx520 xga 3000 lm proj Avl RFQ
MX522 benq mx522 dlp 3d xga proj 3000 proj lumens ready hdmi 5.06lbs smart eco Avl RFQ
MX525 benq mx525 dlp 3d ready proj xga (mx525) Avl RFQ
MX600 benq benq mx600 xga 3200 lm proj Avl RFQ
MX661 benq mx661 dlp 3d proj xga 13000:1 proj 3000 lumens hdmi 2w spkr usb disp Avl RFQ
MX662 benq benq mx662 xga 3500 lm proj Avl RFQ
MX766 benq benq mx766 xga 4000 lm proj Avl RFQ
MX768 benq mx768 dlp projector Avl RFQ
MX816ST benq benq mx816st xga 3000 lm proj Avl RFQ
MX822ST benq 3500 ansi lumens; 8.1lbs; hdmi; d-sub x2; s-v;com; a x2; 20w spkx1; ao; control Avl RFQ
MX842UST benq xga; 3000 ansi lumens; 13.6lbs; hdmi; d-sub; s-v; a x2; 10w x2; ao; control term Avl RFQ
MX852UST benq mx852ust+ dlp 3d proj ultra proj short throw xga 3000 lumens hdmi Avl RFQ
SH910 benq benq sh910 1080p 4000 lm proj Avl RFQ
SH915 benq sh915 dlp proj 4000 lumens proj 1080p hdmi usb d/r lan 8.6lbs Avl RFQ
SH940 benq sh940 dlp proj 1080p 50000:1 proj 4000 lumens 15.87lbs cr hdmix2 hdtv Avl RFQ
SH960 benq benq sh960 1080p 5500 lm proj Avl RFQ
SX914 benq sx914 dlp 3d proj xga 6500:1 proj 6000 lumens hdmi 2lan usb 13.7lbs Avl RFQ
1292B002 canon realis sx60 mmproj sxga 2500lumen Avl RFQ
4231B005 canon realis wux10 proj 3200lum wuxga lcd Avl RFQ
4232B005 canon sx80 mark ii d sxga+, 3000 lu Avl RFQ
4233B002 canon realis sx7mm proj mark ii sxga+ 4000 lum Avl RFQ
4233B008 canon realis sx7 mark iid 4000lu dicom sim sxg Avl RFQ
4964B002 canon wux4000 proj 4000lumen wuxga 16:10 no le Avl RFQ
4964B005 canon wux4000d proj 4000 lumen wuxga dicom 16: Avl RFQ
5315B002 canon lv-7490 - lcd projector - desktop - 4000 ansi lumen - 1024 x 768 - 4:3 Avl RFQ
5317B002 canon lcd projector - desktop - 2600 ansi lumen - 1024 x 768 - 4:3 Avl RFQ
5748B002 canon realis wux5000 mmproj wuxga 5000 lumens Avl RFQ
5748B008 canon realis wux5000d mmproj wuxga 5000 lumens Avl RFQ
5749B002 canon realis sx6000 multimedia projector,sxga+, 6000 lumens, 18.7 lbs.(lens not includ Avl RFQ
5749B013 canon realis sx6000 d dicom simulation medical imaging projector,sxga+, 6000 lumens, 1 Avl RFQ
5757B002 canon realis wx6000 mmproj no lens wxga+ Avl RFQ
5757B013 canon realis wx6000 d dicom simulation medical imaging projector,wxga+, 5700 lumens, 1 Avl RFQ
6827B002 canon lcd projector - desktop - 3000 ansi lumen - 1024 x 768 - 4:3 Avl RFQ
6830B002 canon lv-8227a mmproj wxga 2500lum Avl RFQ
6831B002 canon lv-7297m multimedia projector Avl RFQ
8265B002 canon realis wx520 multimedia projector,wxga+, 5200 lumens, 13 lbs, throw ratio: 1.43- Avl RFQ
8265B010 canon realis wx520 d dicom simulation medical imaging projector,wxga+, 5200 lumens, 13 Avl RFQ
8483B002 canon canon le-5w ultra-portable led projector wxga resolution and has 500 lumens Avl RFQ
8488B002 canon dlp projector - desktop - 500 ansi lumen - 16:10 Avl RFQ
8678B010 canon realis wux400st d dicom simulation medical imaging projector,wuxga, 4000 lumens, Avl RFQ
8679B002 canon realis wx450st multimedia projector,wxga+, 4500 lumens, 13.6 lbs, throw ratio: 0 Avl RFQ
8679B010 canon realis wx450st d dicom simulation medical imaging projector,wxga+, 4500 lumens, Avl RFQ
LV7585 canon canon lv7585 proj Avl RFQ
SX80 canon cannon sx80 sxga+ 3000 lm proj Avl RFQ
XJ-A141 casio xga 2500 lu green slim project (xja141) Avl RFQ
XJ-A142 casio slim, 2500lm,xga, 2x power zoom, rgb,hdmi,built in 1w spaeker, dlp tech, auto br Avl RFQ
XJ-A147 casio slim,2500lm,xga,wifi Avl RFQ
XJ-A150 casio casio xj-a150 3000 lm projector Avl RFQ
XJ-A241 casio slim,2500lm,wxga Avl RFQ
XJ-A242 casio slim,2500lm,wxga Avl RFQ
XJ-A247 casio slim,2500lm,wxga,wifi Avl RFQ
XJ-A250 casio casio xj-a250 wxga 3000 lm proj Avl RFQ
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