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Sourcing Streamlined, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, is your source for computer network device parts like Power Equipment for the aerospace and defense industries. We do business with dozens of respected manufacturers such as 4XEM CORPORATION, AASTRA TECHNOLOGIES, ACCELL, ACER, ACTI CORPORATION to ensure any part of Power Equipment you need is available via our comprehensive supply chain network. Thanks to our No China Sourcing Policy, we can ensure that the computer networking devices like 4XKNDLPWR, 4XMINICHARGE, 87-00002AAA-A, 87-00013AAA-A, D0023-0010-75-00 of Power Equipment are from legitimate sources and will function reliably. To get your purchasing process under way, submit an RFQ below.

Manufacturer's List of Power Equipment

Part Number's List for Power Equipment

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
4XKNDLPWR 4xem corporation kindle usb wall charger/power pwr adapter Avl RFQ
4XMINICHARGE 4xem corporation 4xminicharge usb universal minipwr car charger Avl RFQ
87-00002AAA-A aastra technologies power supply for rfp(l)35/(l)43 ip Avl RFQ
87-00013AAA-A aastra technologies ac power supply for 6731i 55i 57i 57ict 35i 37i 39i 6721i 6725i 6863i 6865i 6867i 6869i Avl RFQ
D0023-0010-75-00 aastra technologies 13w (5vdc) ac adapter, input plugs (na, Avl RFQ
D0023-0018-00-00 aastra technologies m9116 power supply Avl RFQ
D0023-1051-00-75 aastra technologies universal ac adapter for i series (91 9480 67xxi series) Avl RFQ
D6700-0131-05-20 aastra technologies ac adapter - l5 5v universal also compatible with 6730i Avl RFQ
D080B-007K-R accell accell powersquid d080b-007k-r outlet multiplier accell power squid outlet cabl multiplier 5 grounded outlets Avl RFQ
D080B-008K accell surge protection power cond cabl Avl RFQ
D080B-009K accell powersquid 612 joules white perp longer 6 power cord white Avl RFQ
D080B-013K accell powramid power center & surge perp protector 6out black 4ft cord Avl RFQ
D080B-014K accell powermid 6outlet surge and perp charging white outlets + 2 usb Avl RFQ
D080B-016K accell greengenius 10out surge prot perp 6ft cord home theater/office use Avl RFQ
D080B-017K accell greengenius 8out surge prot 6ftperp cord for home theater/office use Avl RFQ
D080B-020K accell powergenius 8out surge prot 6ftperp cord for home theater/office use Avl RFQ
D080B-021K accell powergenius 7out surge prot perp power conditioner noise filter Avl RFQ
L114B-004J accell accell usb cable to 30pin ipod iphone dock + ac charger, 4ft accell l114b-004j usb to 30pin cabl cable+ac charger for ipod/phone 4ft Avl RFQ
L169B-004B accell car charger w/ 4ft lighting pwr cable 12volt cla dual usb Avl RFQ
L170B-004J accell ac charger w/ 4ft lightning pwr cable dual usb ports 3.4amp Avl RFQ
LC.ADT0A.008 acer ac adpt 65w 6594 8573 8473 6595 6495 659 Avl RFQ
LC.ADT0A.012 acer 90w ac adapter (lcadt0a012) Avl RFQ
LC.ADT0A.023 acer 40w ac adapter for iconia tab w500 Avl RFQ
LC.ADT0A.024 acer ac power supply travel pack ac pwr adapter w/snap-in f/iconia tab a500 Avl RFQ
LC.ADT0A.034 acer 65w nb ac adpt Avl RFQ
LC.ADT0A.035 acer 65w ac adapter (lcadt0a035) Avl RFQ
LC.BTP00.066 acer battery smplo as-2009c li-ion 3s2p 6cell Avl RFQ
LC.BTP00.068 acer 6-cell,5200mah battery;optional upgrades for new travelmate 8 series notebooks Avl RFQ
LC.BTP00.090 acer cdw only as1410 lion primary batt Avl RFQ
LC.BTP00.117 acer laptop battery - lithium ion - 5600 mah Avl RFQ
LC.BTP00.121 acer laptop battery - lithium ion - 4400 mah Avl RFQ
LC.BTP00.123 acer 6c batt 4400mah for nb travelmate 5740 Avl RFQ
LC.BTP00.130 acer 6c 4400mah batt aspire one 721 Avl RFQ
LC.BTP01.027 acer 6c batt 6000mah for nb travelmate 8572 8 Avl RFQ
LC.BTP01.030 acer 9c batt for travelmate 8572 8472 nb Avl RFQ
LC.BTP01.031 acer 4 cell 2900mah batt Avl RFQ
LC.BTP01.033 acer 8 cell 6000mah batt Avl RFQ
LC.BTP0A.006 acer li-ion primary batt 6c 6000mah 6594 Avl RFQ
LC.BTP0A.012 acer li-ion - 9 cell - 9000mah - black Avl RFQ
LC.BTP0A.015 acer 6cell 4400mah batt Avl RFQ
LC.BTP0A.016 acer 6cell 4400mah batt Avl RFQ
NP.ADT0A.003 acer 65w ac adapter for travelmate pwr p645 Avl RFQ
NP.ADT11.007 acer 65w ac adapter for aspire pwr v5-571 notebook Avl RFQ
TC.33600.006 acer acer 700w power supply module kit (gold level) Avl RFQ
TC.34800.006 acer battery backup kit for cache cpnt module sas raid card 8port/16port Avl RFQ
PMAX-0104 acti corporation indoor/outdoor extension tube fits mutiple cameras Avl RFQ
PPOE-0000 acti corporation 802.3af poe injectors midspan for us/japan (100-240v) Avl RFQ
AAPAC12V-US addonics technologies 110/220 ac/dc 12/5v adapter us pwr style Avl RFQ
AAPAC5VCN addonics technologies 5v power adapter with center pwr negative Avl RFQ
1700460F1 adtran nv1600 local ac ps bulk spare for netvanta 1638 (ordered as needed from mfg) (returns / exchanges: sealed product only) nv 1600 local ps ac Avl RFQ
1700462F1 adtran spare ac power supply for nv 1638p (ordered as needed from mfg) (returns / exchanges: sealed product only) nv 1600 local poe ps ac Avl RFQ
1700922F1 adtran 12v external power adapter cpnt Avl RFQ
12008090 adtran ip telephony single port poe power supply Avl RFQ
1202289L2 adtran mx2800 dc power supply (ordered as needed from mfg) mx2800 dc power supply Avl RFQ
1202471G1 adtran power supply 12v 800ma us cord Avl RFQ
1757003553 advantech adapter ac 90-264v 36w/12v fsp036-rab for ark-3360l Avl RFQ
PS-1820UL aiphone 18v dc/2a power supply 110vac Avl RFQ
AT-6101G-50 alliedtelesis power injector - external - 15.4 watt - 1 x network - ethernet 10base-t/100base- Avl RFQ
AT-CV5001DC-80 alliedtelesis dc power supply for at-cv5001 chassis Avl RFQ
AT-PWR4-10 alliedtelesis redundant ac power supply module for mcr12 chassis (returns / exchanges: sealed product only) redundant ac power supply cpnt module for mcr12 chassis Avl RFQ
AT-SBX3161-10 alliedtelesis sbx3161 system power supply Avl RFQ
AT-SBX3165-10 alliedtelesis switch chassis - ports qty: 24 - ethernet; fast ethernet; gigabit ethernet - 800 Avl RFQ
ACM4 altronix access power controller;4 fuse protected acc.cntrl.sys.output Avl RFQ
ACM4CB altronix access dist mod 4 ptc pwr out accs Avl RFQ
ACM4CBE altronix access dist mod 4 ptc pwr out accs w/enclosure Avl RFQ
ACM4E altronix access power controller;4 ptc protected acc.cntrl.sys.output Avl RFQ
ACM8CB altronix access power controller, 8 ptc protected outputs Avl RFQ
ACM8CBE altronix access power controller,8 ptc outputs,8 trigger inputs Avl RFQ
AL1002ULADA altronix nac power extender,24vdc@10amp ul listed,red enclosure Avl RFQ
AL1002ULADAJ altronix nac power extender - 24vdc @ 10 amp. 2 - Avl RFQ
AL100UL altronix pwr.supp./charger,12vdc@.75amp grey enclosure,ul listed Avl RFQ
AL1012ULACM altronix power supply/charger-12vdc @ 1 0 amp with acm8 power control Avl RFQ
AL1012ULACMCB altronix access power controller w/ 8 p tc protected power outputs Avl RFQ
AL1012ULACMCBJ altronix power supply/charger with access power Avl RFQ
AL1012ULACMJ altronix power supply/charger with access power Avl RFQ
AL1012ULM altronix multi-output access control po wer supply/charger,115vac Avl RFQ
AL1012ULX altronix pwr.supp/charger;12vdc @ 10amp ac and battery monitoring Avl RFQ
AL1012ULXB altronix pwr.supp/charger,12vdc@10amp, 115vac input,ul recognized Avl RFQ
AL1012ULXPD16 altronix altronix al1012ulxpd16 proprietary power supply 12vdc @ 10 amp 115vac ac and b attery monitoring 16 fuse Avl RFQ
AL1012ULXPD4 altronix 4 output power supply/charger 12-vdc@ 10 amp, fused Avl RFQ
AL1012ULXPD4CB altronix 4 output power supply/charger - 12vdc Avl RFQ
AL1012ULXPD8 altronix 12vdc@10amp,115vac in,ac&batt monitoring,grey enclosure Avl RFQ
AL1012ULXPD8CB altronix pwr.supp/charger,12vdc@10amp, 8 ptc protected outputs Avl RFQ
AL1024ULACM altronix power supply/charger-24vdc @ 1 0 amp w/acm8 power controller Avl RFQ
AL1024ULACMCB altronix pwr.supp/chrgr.w/multi-ouput a ccess power controller Avl RFQ
AL1024ULACMCBJ altronix power sup charger with access power controller 24vdc@10 amp Avl RFQ
AL1024ULACMJ altronix power supply/charger with access power Avl RFQ
AL1024ULM altronix pwr.supp./charger,24vdc@10amp, 115vac input,ul listed Avl RFQ
AL1024ULMR altronix 5 output power supply/charger w/fire ala Avl RFQ
AL1024ULX altronix pwr.supply/charger,24vdc@10amp 115vac input,ul & cul listed Avl RFQ
AL1024ULXPD16CB altronix 16 output power supply/charger 24vdc@10amp, ptc class Avl RFQ
AL1024ULXPD4 altronix pwr.supp./charger-24vdc@10amp. 4 fused outputs,ul/cul listed Avl RFQ
AL1024ULXPD4CB altronix 4 output power supply/charger 24vdc @ 10 amp, ptc class 2 Avl RFQ
AL1024ULXPD8 altronix 24vdc@10amp,115vac in,ac&batt monitoring,grey enclosure Avl RFQ
AL1024ULXPD8CB altronix pwr.supply/charger;8 output, 2 4vdc @ 10 amp, ul listed Avl RFQ
AL1024ULXR altronix ps/charger-24vdc@10a,ac & batt monitoring,nonpwr ltd output Avl RFQ
AL1042ULADA altronix nac power extender,24vdc@10amp 4 outputs,red encl.,ul listed Avl RFQ
AL125UL altronix power supply/charger-12/24/vdc at 1amp with latching/nonlatch Avl RFQ
AL125ULB altronix power supply/charger-12/24vdc @1amp board w/fire alarm disc. Avl RFQ
AL125ULE altronix 2 ptc out pwr spl accs 12vdc 1a or 24vdc 5a Avl RFQ
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