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Sourcing Streamlined, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, is your source for computer network device parts like Input Devices for the aerospace and defense industries. We do business with dozens of respected manufacturers such as ZALMAN, ZAGG, XEROX, WYSE, Wasp Barcode Technologies to ensure any part of Input Devices you need is available via our comprehensive supply chain network. Thanks to our No China Sourcing Policy, we can ensure that the computer networking devices like ZM-M100, ZM-M200, ZM-M300, ZM-M400, ZM-M500WL of Input Devices are from legitimate sources and will function reliably. To get your purchasing process under way, submit an RFQ below.

Manufacturer's List of Input Devices

Part Number's List for Input Devices

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
ZM-M100 zalman 1000dpi usb optical mouse (zmm100) Avl RFQ
ZM-M200 zalman zalman mouse zm-m200 optical mouse 1000dpi usb 3000fps 5keys black retail (7 days rma) Avl RFQ
ZM-M300 zalman 2500dpi usb gaming mouse (zmm300) Avl RFQ
ZM-M400 zalman 1600dpi usb optical mouse (zmm400) Avl RFQ
ZM-M500WL zalman 3000dpi usb optical mouse (zmm500wl) Avl RFQ
ANS7IN-BB0 zagg blk 7in autofit blk kybd and small tab Avl RFQ
ANS7IN-WW0 zagg wht 7in autofit wht kybd and small tab Avl RFQ
FOLPROMLTLIT101 zagg zaggkeys profolio +mocha lthr ipad 2 3 4 Avl RFQ
FOLPROTLTLIT101 zagg zaggkeys profolio + brn lthr ipad 2 3 4 Avl RFQ
FOLZKFLEXSLV zagg zaggkeys flex slvr prtbl kybd and stnd Avl RFQ
FOLZKFLEXSLVR2 zagg zaggkeys flex prtbl kybd and stnd slvr Avl RFQ
G85ZKF-BK0 zagg folio kybd for the lg g pad 8.5in tab Avl RFQ
IFZ-STYLUS-BLK zagg ifrogz stylus blk Avl RFQ
IM2ZKF-UU0 zagg prpl hinged folio backlit kybd ipad mini Avl RFQ
IM2ZKF-WW0 zagg wht hinged folio back lit kybd ipad mini Avl RFQ
LENTPTAB2KBMC zagg tp tab 2 bt kybd w/ stnd um Avl RFQ
ZKPROMLTLIT101 zagg keys proplus mocha lthr ipad 2 3 4th gen Avl RFQ
ZKPRORLTLIT101 zagg keys proplus red lthr ipad 2 3 4th gen Avl RFQ
ZKPROTLTLIT101 zagg keys proplus brn lthr ipad 2 3 4th gen Avl RFQ
ZKUNIBLK zagg zagg univ blk kybd Avl RFQ
ZSTY3N1BLK zagg zaggstylus 3 in 1 Avl RFQ
ZSTYLUS zagg zaggstylus mini Avl RFQ
ZSTYPROBLK zagg zaggstylus pro 2 in 1 Avl RFQ
4830I/NS3-A xerox 4830n usb to ethernet network ns3000 Avl RFQ
497K04830 xerox xerox 3-line fax kit 3 line fax kit w/ ifax & lan fax Avl RFQ
497K05100 xerox 1 line fax kit Avl RFQ
497K05440 xerox 1 line fax kit w/ energy star label Avl RFQ
497K05670 xerox xerox 1-line fax kit 1 line fax kit Avl RFQ
497K05690 xerox xerox 2-line fax kit 2 line fax kit Avl RFQ
497K05760 xerox mono scanning kit Avl RFQ
DM312505M-WU xerox documate 31250 clr 600dpi usb perp sf dupl 25ppm/44ipm 50pg adf twain Avl RFQ
GMATE4790-SW xerox documate 4790 w/remark test grade, multi user station edition Avl RFQ
GMATE5445-SW xerox xerox documate 5445 w/remark test grade, single user edition Avl RFQ
PXDM32205D-G/W xerox xerox documate 3220 23ppm 46ipmperp flatbed taa Avl RFQ
X7600I5M-WU xerox xerox 7600i flatbed scanner xerox 7600 i scanner Avl RFQ
XDM1625D-WU xerox xerox documate 162 sf perp 600dpi lgl adf dupl 25ppm Avl RFQ
XDM31155M-SA xerox xerox documate 3115 sheetfed scanner xerox documate 3115 sf duplex perp mobile scanner twain pc mac Avl RFQ
XDM31155M-WU xerox xerox documate 3115 sheetfed scanner xerox documate 3115 sf bndl perp mob dup 15ppm 30ipm w/dock station Avl RFQ
XDM3120-U xerox xerox documate 3120 Avl RFQ
XDM3125G-A xerox xerox documate 3125g (gsa trade compliant) duplex adf scanner, 25 ppm/44 ipm at Avl RFQ
XDM32205M-WU xerox xerox documate 3220 sheetfed scanner xerox documate 3220 fb dupl perp 23ppm/46ipm usb 600dpi lgl 50sh-adf Avl RFQ
XDM34605M-WU-KIT xerox kit-xerox documate 3460 basic perp sf dup 60ppm/120ppm Avl RFQ
XDM36405M-WU xerox xerox documate 3640 flatbed scanner xerox documate 3640 dfd lgl fb perp dfd dup 40ppm 80ipm lglfb vrs basic Avl RFQ
XDM36405M-WU/VP xerox xerox documate 3640 dfd lgl fb perp dup 40ppm 80ipm usb w/vrs pro Avl RFQ
XDM44405M-WU-KIT xerox kit-xerox documate 4440 40ppm perp 80ipm shtfd Avl RFQ
XDM4440I-U xerox xerox documate 4440 sheetfed scanner xerox documate 4440 improved w/adf roller and taa compliant comparable to fuji Avl RFQ
XDM4440I-U/VP xerox documate 4440 w/kofax 40ppm vrsperp pro adf roller taa Avl RFQ
XDM47005M-WU xerox xerox documate 4700 a3 flatbed perp 3.5sec per page twain wia isis win8 Avl RFQ
XDM47605M-WU xerox xerox documate 4760 perp 60ppm/120ipm a3 600dpi Avl RFQ
XDM47605M-WU/VP xerox xerox documate 4760 vrs pro perp 60ppm/120ipm a3 600dpi Avl RFQ
XDM47905D-VRS/B xerox xerox documate 4790 large format sheetfed scanner documate 4790 w/ kofax vrs basic comparable to fujitsu fi-6670c Avl RFQ
XDM47905D-WU xerox xerox documate 4790 document scanner a3-sized adf prod docmt scnr w detection bundled w/ kofax vrs pro comparable Avl RFQ
XDM47995D-VRS/B xerox xerox documate 4799 sheetfed scanner documate 4799 w/vrs basic Avl RFQ
XDM47995D-WU xerox documate 4799 - document scanner - desktop - 200 dpi, b&w, simplex: 112 ppm spe Avl RFQ
XDM48305M-WU xerox xerox documate 4830 Avl RFQ
XDM4830I-U xerox xerox documate 4830 improve blk/wht scan speed to 50ppm Avl RFQ
XDM5155D-WU xerox xerox documate 515 simplex clr perp 15ppm 600dpi fb lgl 24bit usb2 50pg Avl RFQ
XDM54455D-WU xerox xerox documate 5445 dupl 45ppm perp 600dpi usb twain/isis win8 Avl RFQ
XDM5445I-A xerox xerox documate 5445 sheetfed scanner xerox documate 5445 sf 45ppm perp usb 600dpi hwip twain isis Avl RFQ
XDM54605D-WU xerox documate 5460 dupl 60ppm/120ipmperp 600dpi usb 75pg adf twain/isis w8 Avl RFQ
XDM5460I-A xerox documate 5460 - sheetfed scanner - speed 200 dpi, b&w, simplex: 60 ppm ;speed 20 Avl RFQ
XDM6325D-WU xerox xdm6325d-wu - document scanner - desktop - single/duplex pass - speed @ 200 dpi, Avl RFQ
XDM6325D-WU/VP xerox xerox documate 632 - 600 dpi - document scanner Avl RFQ
XDM7005D-WU xerox documate 700 -xdm7005d-wu- a3 fltbd scr w/kofax basic (39) Avl RFQ
XDM7425D-WU xerox xerox documate 742 document scanner comes with kofax vrs standard software - 600 Avl RFQ
XDM7425D-WU/R xerox refurb xerox documate 742 sf perp clr 600dpi 11.7x38 50/100 dupl Avl RFQ
XDM7655D-WU xerox xerox documate 765 65ppm/110ipmperp sf a3 150pg adf usb vrs pro gsa/taa Avl RFQ
XMOBILE-SD xerox xmobile scanner clr/mono 300dpiperp 8.5x14 w/2gb eye-fi wl sd card Avl RFQ
XTRAVEL-SCAN150 xerox xerox travel scanner 150 clr perp slide 600dpi usb 2.0 pdf converter Avl RFQ
11D3V wyse kit,mse,usb,pos,pmx,ms111 $50 minimum order kit ms111 usb pos pmx mouse a $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
770364-10L wyse wyse usb keyboard 104key usb g83-6644luaeu-2 accs smartboard keyboard blk w/ pc/sc Avl RFQ
770413-01L wyse keyboard,wt,black,wyse,pad,ps/2,104keys,us $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
770413-03L wyse eu req kybd wt blk wyse pad ps/2 105k fr $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
770413-04L wyse eu req kybd wt blk wyse pad ps/2 105k ger $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
770413-05L wyse eu req kybd wt blk wyse pad ps2 105k sp $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
770413-06L wyse eu req kybd wt blk wyse pad ps/2 105k it $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
770413-13L wyse eu req kyb wt blk wyse pad ps2 105k pt $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
770413-15L wyse eu req kybd wt blk wyse pad ps2 105k fr/can $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
770413-25L wyse eu req kybd blk wyse pad ps/2 105k hungary $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
770435-07 wyse eu req k/b usb tball 3235le us kiosk storm - de Avl RFQ
770506-02L wyse eu req mse op 3btn usb wyse blk uae96 $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
770506-12L wyse eu req mse usb op wyse blk px mo42uoa $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
770510-14L wyse eu req mse ps/2 op wyse bei px mo42kob $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
770510-21L wyse mouse,ps2,opt,wyse,black,px,mo42kop $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
901715-04L wyse eu req kybd utc usb w/ ps2 pt iepc fr $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
901715-22L wyse eu req kybd usb w/ ps/2 port 105 key wyse blk s $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
901715-34L wyse eu req kybd usb w/ps2 iepc logo black us int $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
901715-89L wyse eu req kybd usb w/ ps2 105k wyse blk arabic $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
901716-06L wyse eu req k/b utc usb w/ ps/2 pt 104 us blk $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
901716-17L wyse 104key usb ps2 901716-17l a $50 minimum order korean keyboard black w/ wyse logo Avl RFQ
901861-26 wyse eu req winterm kybd en $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
920276-11L wyse wyse mouse black ps/2 3 button wheel mouse $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
920300-51L wyse wyse vt6656 802.11b/g wireless usb network adapter opt usb ext wireless wrls Avl RFQ
DJ454 wyse eu req usb blk kybd 104key w/ ps/2 pt on side $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
DJ462 wyse 105key usb ps2 dj462 spanish a $50 minimum order keyboard black Avl RFQ
DJ491 wyse kybd,105,uk,kb212b,w8,pmx $50 minimum order Avl RFQ
633808402068 wasp barcode technologies wasp kdu200 standalone keyboard for wpl205/305/606/608/610 Avl RFQ
ACK20005 wacom intuos 4 chisel felt nibs (5pk) Avl RFQ
ACK20601 wacom 3pk bamboo stylus firm nib set accs Avl RFQ
CTH300B wacom bamboo pad wireless blue (cth300b) Avl RFQ
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