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Sourcing Streamlined, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, is your source for computer network device parts like Aidc/Pos for the aerospace and defense industries. We do business with dozens of respected manufacturers such as Zotac, XEROX, WILSON ELECTRONICS, Wasp Barcode Technologies, VXI to ensure any part of Aidc/Pos you need is available via our comprehensive supply chain network. Thanks to our No China Sourcing Policy, we can ensure that the computer networking devices like ZA-PSU65W-09100, 300N03602, S-EMC-QS/1Y, S-MOBILITY-ADV/1Y, S-MOBILITY-ADV/2Y of Aidc/Pos are from legitimate sources and will function reliably. To get your purchasing process under way, submit an RFQ below.

Manufacturer's List of Aidc/Pos

Part Number's List for Aidc/Pos

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
ZA-PSU65W-09100 zotac 65w 19v ac/dc power adapter Avl RFQ
300N03602 xerox security access magstripe usb accs reader Avl RFQ
S-EMC-QS/1Y xerox service warranty for quick scan, 1 year Avl RFQ
S-MOBILITY-ADV/1Y xerox visioneer mobility 1-yr advanced exchange Avl RFQ
S-MOBILITY-ADV/2Y xerox visioneer mobility 2-yr advanced exchange Avl RFQ
S-MOBILITY-ADV/3Y xerox visioneer mobility 3-yr advanced exchange Avl RFQ
S-MOBILITY-ADV/REN xerox visioneer mobility renewal 1-yr advanced exchange Avl RFQ
S-NS4000-ADV/RENU xerox visioneer netscan 4000 renewal 1-yr advanced exchange Avl RFQ
859983 wilson electronics 12v dc vehicle pwr adptr Avl RFQ
633808035020 wasp barcode technologies wasp barcode nest ccd suite busbndl edition w/kb decoded ccd hh scanner Avl RFQ
633808091040 wasp barcode technologies wcs3905 ccd scanner w/6ft usb perp cable Avl RFQ
633808121549 wasp barcode technologies wws450h 2d healthcare barcode perp scan with usb base Avl RFQ
633808121679 wasp barcode technologies wlr8950 long range ccd barcode perp scanner (ps2) Avl RFQ
633808142421 wasp barcode technologies wasp wandreader 2905 pen rdr scanner w/6ft usb coiled cable Avl RFQ
633808390389 wasp barcode technologies wasp nest w/wlr8905 ccd lr bndl scanner usb Avl RFQ
633808390990 wasp barcode technologies eu req wasp mobileasset pro with wpa1000ii and Avl RFQ
633808391331 wasp barcode technologies inventory cntrl rf pro w/ hc1 Avl RFQ
633808391423 wasp barcode technologies wasp hc1 + addl mobileasset bndl mobile lics Avl RFQ
633808471378 wasp barcode technologies wasp quickstore pos solution term std - software and hardware Avl RFQ
633808471408 wasp barcode technologies wasp quickstore rapidstart point of sale solution Avl RFQ
633808550356 wasp barcode technologies wasptime v7 standard with perp biometric clock Avl RFQ
633808920029 wasp barcode technologies wasp wws 800 wireless scanner perp only *bluetooth compatible* Avl RFQ
633808920128 wasp barcode technologies wws800 wireless bc scanner usb perp barcode scanner & usb charging base Avl RFQ
633808920203 wasp barcode technologies wasp wws850 barcode scanner w/ps2 base Avl RFQ
633808920210 wasp barcode technologies wws 850 wireless laser kit/usb perp bluetooth bar code scanner Avl RFQ
633808920623 wasp barcode technologies wws550i freedom cordless perp barcode scanner Avl RFQ
633808920692 wasp barcode technologies wasp wws100i cordless pocket perp barcode scanner w/ usb cable Avl RFQ
633808927530 wasp barcode technologies mobileasset std w/ dt60 1 user bndl Avl RFQ
633808927684 wasp barcode technologies mobileasset edu pro w/ dt60 & bndl wpl305 5 user Avl RFQ
633808927691 wasp barcode technologies mobileasset edu ent w/ dt60 & bndl wpl305 unlimited user Avl RFQ
633808927738 wasp barcode technologies mobileasset edu ent w/ dt60 bndl unlimited user edu Avl RFQ
633808927745 wasp barcode technologies mobileasset edu pro w/ hc1 5 bndl user Avl RFQ
633808927813 wasp barcode technologies mba professional with hc1&wpl305 Avl RFQ
633808927820 wasp barcode technologies mobileasset ent w/ hc1 & wpl305bndl unlimited user Avl RFQ
633808928117 wasp barcode technologies wasp dt60 mobile computer (qwerty) Avl RFQ
633808928605 wasp barcode technologies dt90 mobile computer term Avl RFQ
633808929701 wasp barcode technologies wdi4600 2d barcode scan w/6ft perp usb cable reads 1d/2d/qr barcodes Avl RFQ
203197 vxi vxi x100cc usb to 3.5mm audio headset adapter cable usb x100cc, 3.5mm adapter Avl RFQ
PDS-ST415-VP vupoint solutions black magic wand (pdsst415vp) Avl RFQ
PDS-ST480-VP vupoint solutions lightweight and portbable, auto feeding scanner, capable of scanning up to 900 d Avl RFQ
CBL132-002-03-A verifone non-powered usb cable, rj45 to usb device, 3m Avl RFQ
CBL132-002-05-A verifone cables - non-powered usb cable, rj45 Avl RFQ
CBL132-004-05-A verifone cables - rj45 to powered usb connector Avl RFQ
CBL132-005-01-A verifone cables - powered serial & non-powered us Avl RFQ
CBL132-005-03-A verifone cables - powered serial & non-powered us Avl RFQ
CBL132-005-05-A verifone mx9xx externally powered seria l cable, 5m Avl RFQ
CBL132-006-01-A verifone mx9 usb to pc usb/power splitt er, 1m Avl RFQ
CBL132-006-05-A verifone mx9xx usb to pc usb/power spli tter ext powrd usb, 5m Avl RFQ
CBL268-001-01-B verifone cable - vx680 usb download Avl RFQ
M087-Q00-50-WWA verifone gang charger for mx9xx Avl RFQ
M094-107-01-R verifone mx870, tch sig eth pci ped 2.0 Avl RFQ
M094-109-01-R verifone mx 870 - sc, tch, eth, sig pci ped 2.x Avl RFQ
M094-207-01-R verifone mx 850 - tch, sig, eth pci ped 2.x Avl RFQ
M094-209-01-R verifone mx 850 sc tch sig eth pci ped 2.x Avl RFQ
M094-507-01-R verifone mx 880 - tch, eth, sig pci ped 2.x Avl RFQ
M132-509-11-R verifone mx925 pci 3.x, sc, tch, eth, sig, no ctls Avl RFQ
M252-103-03-NAA-2 verifone vx520,naa,dial/eth,128/32 mb,s td kp,w/o scr/clt Avl RFQ
M268-773-14-USC-2 verifone vx680,usc gprs 192m sc std keypad w/o ct Avl RFQ
M268-773-14-USD-2 verifone vx680,usc gprs 192m sc std keypad w/o ct Avl RFQ
M268-783-C4-USA-2 verifone vx680,usa wifi/bt 192m sc std keypad ctl Avl RFQ
M268-D80-00 verifone vx680 dongle, modem dark blue black (dia Avl RFQ
M280-703-03-WWA-3 verifone vx805,160mb, sc, 3sams, std keypad (emv Avl RFQ
M280-703-A3-WWA-3 verifone vx805,160mb sc 3sam std keypad , w/ctls Avl RFQ
M280-703-A3-WWB-3 verifone vx805, ctls, 160mb, sc, 2sams, std keypa Avl RFQ
M281-553-14-NAA verifone vx810 duet 8mf/4m 3sam (canadian product Avl RFQ
M282-776-03-NAA-3 verifone vx820 full, naa 160m sc 3sam canada keyp Avl RFQ
M282-776-C3-NAA-3 verifone vx820 full, 160m sc 3sam canada keypad c Avl RFQ
VIP-324D valcom vip power supply Avl RFQ
VP-1124D valcom power supply 24v 24w switching Avl RFQ
1550-900041G unitech america cradle cable ps/2,72-,coiled, black (for ms840 bluetooth) Avl RFQ
5000-603884G unitech america ht660e eth cradle,phone cable, use p/s from device,no usb/ser Avl RFQ
AS10-U unitech america short range scanner;1d tecngly usb interface; black,1yr wrty Avl RFQ
FC75-2UCB00-SG unitech america fc75 fixed mount scanner perp 2d imager usb Avl RFQ
FC77-2UCB00-SG unitech america fc77 on-counter presentation perp 2d/qr code scanner usb Avl RFQ
HT630-9000BA1G unitech america ht630 mbile comp,2.5mb ram lsr batch, dos, rs232; see notes Avl RFQ
HT630-9000BADG unitech america ht630 mbl comp, 2.5mb ram,lsr batch,dos,batt,usb cbl,pwr adp Avl RFQ
HT660-94606ADG unitech america -eol- ht660 mobile comp;laser scannr bluetooth; see notes Avl RFQ
HT660-9950UADG unitech america -eol- ht660e, windows ce 6.0 core, batch -see notes- Avl RFQ
HT682-L460UARG unitech america unit,ht682mobilecomputer,2dimager Avl RFQ
K2726U-B unitech america 104key,black,usb,msr123,barcod 21 re-leg keys; -see notes- Avl RFQ
KP3700-T2UBE unitech america unitech, kp3700 keyboard, scanner port Avl RFQ
MS100-3PS2G unitech america part # changed, sell rest of stk,then order ms100-nkcb00-sg Avl RFQ
MS120-NTCB00-SG unitech america stainless steel wand (w/db-9-f squeeze release connector) Avl RFQ
MS146-2G unitech america bar code slot rdr,rs232,ip54, vis beam,ac sold sep--c notes Avl RFQ
MS146-3G unitech america la luz visible interfaz tecladoperp din Avl RFQ
MS146-4G unitech america ms146 slot scanner, usb, visible light Avl RFQ
MS146I-3PS2G unitech america ps/2 interface, keyboard wedge , infrared beam (for security badges), slot barco Avl RFQ
MS146I-4UMG unitech america usb interface with mounting bracket (5200-381680) Avl RFQ
MS146IAG unitech america unitech ms146 bar code slot reader bar code slot reader (ttl) inr red beam w/ip54 Avl RFQ
MS246 unitech america ms246 magnetic stripe reader rdr 3-track usb no data formatting Avl RFQ
MS250-C0C000-DG unitech america unitech, ms250 barcode scanner, linear i Avl RFQ
MS250-CKCL00-SG unitech america ms250 barcd scnnr,linr imgr, keybrd wedge/ps2, beige Avl RFQ
MS250-CRCB00-DG unitech america ms250 barcd scnnr,linr imgr, rs232, slate blue, pwr adp sep Avl RFQ
MS250-CRCL00-SG unitech america unitech high performance contact scanner ms250,linear imgr,rs232,beige, pwr adpt separate (see notes) Avl RFQ
MS250-CUCB00-DG unitech america unitech, ms250 barcode scanner, linear i Avl RFQ
MS250-CUCL00-SG unitech america ms250 barcode scanner, linear imager, usb, beige Avl RFQ
MS320-1KG unitech america unitech long range linear scanner ms320 barcode scanner ccd perp keyboard wedge ps/2 black Avl RFQ
MS320-CUCB0S-SG unitech america ms320 linear img,usb, black w/ hands-free stand Avl RFQ
MS380-CUPBGC-SG unitech america wireless scanner, bluetooth, docking station, usb cable, power supply, 4ft drop, Avl RFQ
MS837-SUCB00-SG unitech america ms837 laser scanner; usb inter face;2 year warranty Avl RFQ
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